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Jasdeep Singh is a man with a plan. Education, work and then the stuff of real life. His family will be happy, his long-term girlfriend Abbie will be happy and he, he’s sure, will be happy. That’s how it works, isn’t it? He’s 23 now and a long abandoned footballing dream is fraying at the edges. An Asian Premier League footballer? He must be having a laugh.

Meanwhile Abbie, a medical student, is confronting another set of prejudice as she too tries to navigate their future – hopefully together. Then chance opportunity strikes: a trial at a local semi-pro club, which leads, unexpectedly, to a once-in-a-lifetime cup run. Jasdeep finds himself with one last chance to achieve the moment of he dreamed of as a wide-eyed child.

If he can manage not to screw up his life, his relationship and his future in the process. It won’t be an easy ride – he’s up against the clock, the racism that lurks beneath the veneer of the beautiful game, and, perhaps his worst enemy, himself. Singh No 7 is a story about pursuing your dreams, even when it feel like they don’t want to be caught.


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Sky News Live Interview - Singh: Number 7

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Pardeep Chera | Sky Sports Interview | Singh: Number 7


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